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Before you try yet another fad diet that makes you grumpy rather than thin, consider the benefits of medical weight loss. The dedicated healthcare professionals at Plantation Health and Wellness in Plantation, Florida, offer a medically supervised weight loss program that’s designed to help you lose weight fast and learn how to keep it off. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Plantation Health and Wellness

What are the benefits of your weight loss program?

At Plantation Health and Wellness, they ignore the philosophy that one diet plan works for every person. The medical team will tailor a program that fits your schedule, your lifestyle, and your overall health. Rather than handing you a few pages to read and a diet to follow, they’ll design a food plan that suits your tastes. This makes it easier to follow and helps you learn how to plan healthy meals on your own.

The team at Plantation Health and Wellness understands that most people who want to lose weight know how to do it. The challenge is sticking with it long enough to see results. This method allows for rapid loss, as much as two to three pounds per week. For the morbidly obese, a strategy can be devised that may help you lose a pound every day.

And the won’t leave you alone in your battle. The Plantation Health and Wellness team will see you weekly to monitor your progress, cheer your successes, and motivate you to keep moving toward your goal. Their goal is to help you establish lifelong habits that improve your health and make you smile when it’s time to shop for that new summertime, skin-baring wardrobe. For that reason, they’ll devote as much time to helping you keep the weight off as we did to help you take it off.       

Do you sell diet products?

Yes. Plantation Health and Wellness offers products designed to help you stick with your plan despite a hectic lifestyle. Their shakes and other quick fix foods can satisfy your appetite and keep you from turning to fast food when time is short.

What about medication?

To help cut your cravings and control your appetite, the team may recommend an FDA-approved medication to maximize your weight loss. Injections that contain amino acids that help burn fat and vitamin B12 to restore the energy excess pounds steal away, may also be provided.

Will I have to exercise?

As chiropractors they specialize in restoring movement and work to realign your spine and improve your musculoskeletal health. They’ll help you develop an exercise plan that fits your personality. For instance, if music makes you want to dance instead of pump iron at the gym, the care specialists at Plantation Health and Wellness will help you work out a program that gets you moving the way you like.

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