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Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses your body’s natural systems to fight disease, and it’s primarily used to help with cancers, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory conditions. If you’re looking for additional forms of treatment for a serious health problem, the providers at Plantation Health and Wellness can help. Call the office in Plantation, Florida, today for more information, or book an appointment online.

Immunotherapy Q & A

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What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy, is a treatment method that stimulates your body’s natural immune response to help fight cancer and other serious illnesses. There are several forms of immunotherapy, including:

  • Colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) that promote the growth of new bone marrow stem cells
  • Monoclonal antibodies that recognize the antigens on cancer cells
  • Interferons that help boost your body's immune response
  • Interleukins that stimulate the growth of white blood cells

Immunotherapy treatments act as a support to your immune system, or in the case of autoimmune disorders, monoclonal antibodies target the causes of inflammation that are triggered by faulty immune system responses.

Why would I need immunotherapy?

The human immune system is remarkably effective at keeping people healthy and helping the body recover from illness. However, sometimes it needs extra help, for example in fighting cancer.

The immune system recognizes that cancer cells are different and a potential threat, so it releases antibodies that mark the abnormal cells for destruction. However, there may not be enough of the cells that are capable of killing the cancer cells, which is where immunotherapy comes in.

The biological response modifiers in the immunotherapy chemicals enhance the immune system’s reaction to the cancer cells, stimulating it to produce more cancer-killing cells.

Autoimmune disorders are caused by the immune system’s mistaken attack of the body’s own cells, leading to a number of debilitating conditions including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn's disease
  • Psoriasis

Immunotherapy treatment with monoclonal antibodies can help with the pain and immobility caused by autoimmune inflammation.

What is involved in immunotherapy treatment?

When you visit Plantation Health and Wellness, your provider takes a full medical history and examines you, ordering any additional scans or tests they feel would be helpful. They’ll also discuss the benefits and possible side effects of immunotherapy with you so you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

The treatment itself is a straightforward procedure involving either an injection into the muscle or an intravenous injection into a vein. The form of treatment depends on the type of immunotherapy involved; for instance, monoclonal antibodies are usually intravenously administered. Following treatment, you’ll be monitored to see how well the immunotherapy is working.

To find out more about the benefits of immunotherapy and how it could help you, call Plantation Health and Wellness today, or book an appointment online.