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Plantation Health and Wellness provides chiropractic care and physical medicine for patients suffering from pain in the areas of the back, neck, shoulder, and/or knees. Our highly qualified chiropractors in Plantation FL treat many health conditions such as auto injuries and migraines. They also treat generalized chronic pain, and joint and back pain, including sciatica. Our providers specialize in rehabilitation medicine and chiropractic care to return patients to a healthy quality of life. Through a full assessment, they find the underlying cause of the pain, and work through a combination of medical, chiropractic, and rehabilitation efforts to relieve the pain and help the body heal.

Plantation Health and Wellness’s staff works as a team to ensure the highest quality of care with individualized attention for each patient. Their mission is to provide a combination of care and support that allows patients to find relief from pain without the need for medication or surgery. By applying chiropractic principles alongside modern medical innovations, the team can help patients get their lives back.


Chiropractic care is ideal for people experiencing chronic pain or those that suffered an injury. Chiropractic care can benefit a wide variety of issues. People that are thought of as “healthy” can still find the benefits of chiropractic care with regular visits. Life takes a toll on all of our bodies. Day to day activities put more stress on the body than one knows. Following a personalized adjustment plan at Plantation Health and Wellness will help your body operate at its highest efficiency.

Frequent chiropractic adjustments will benefit anyone. Chiropractic care ensures the body is aligned and allows the nervous system to function at its highest capacity. A properly functioning nervous system promotes faster healing and allows you to continue living an active, healthy life. The spine is home to a tunnel of messages. The brain uses the spinal column to share these messages with the rest of the body. It is essential to have a properly aligned spine in order for these messages to be sent efficiently. Plantation Health and Wellness will make sure you are at optimal health through regular chiropractic care.

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chiropractic care may help

Pain Management Plantation FL Man with Whiplash


Neck pain is a very common condition. There are countless people that deal with neck pain and never see a doctor about it. Chiropractors have been helping people deal with neck pain for hundreds of years.


Headaches and migraines are not to be taken lightly and have an effect on many people in Plantation. We are here to help.


If you are like many Americans, you are currently experiencing back pain. Our goal is to answer your questions and help alleviate back pain.


Chiropractic care allows joints to move more freely and is able to reduce pain in musculoskeletal structures throughout the body. Ligaments, joints, muscles, joint capsules and myofascial tissues are all included in the musculoskeletal system. The suppressing of the fight or flight system along with the stimulation of the rest and repair system are used to help benefit the autonomic nervous system.

These systems are benefited through the adjustments a chiropractor makes. Adjustments affect the joint capsules and a mechanism that is able to sense where one is in a space. The tissues around the joint and the receptors that offer information about mechanical changes in the body are also affected in the process.

Although this can be complex to understand, it explains why patients see an improvement in more than just musculoskeletal conditions. This can also help explain why people that do not experience pain still report an overall health benefit from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care Q & A

The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the structure and function, coordinated by the nervous system, and how this relationship affects the preservation and rehabilitation of health.

Chiropractic not only eliminates back and neck pain quickly and efficiently, they also optimize and restore a patient’s overall health.

A spine that’s out of alignment causes pain throughout the body. The reason for this is strain put upon the nervous system through misalignments called subluxations that cause an interruption to the regular transmission of nerve impulses. When this happens, it prevents the body from responding at its best.

Chiropractors use spinal manipulations to treat misalignments in the spine to restore proper function to the nervous system. This helps your body to heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Spinal manipulation also restores joint mobility. Spinal manipulations don’t cause pain but rather relieve it. This is because the provider puts your misaligned joints back into the correct position through the application of precise force. Normal nerve transmissions then resume, which restore mobility and alleviate pain and muscle tightness. Spinal manipulations also help the body heal damaged tissue.

Patients usually seek a chiropractor's care due to pain in the back or neck, but the techniques chiropractors use extend to treatment of general health issues as well. The provider uses a natural, whole-body, drug-free approach to treatment that can aide with a variety of chronic conditions. Because of this approach to treatment, chiropractors help patients suffering with acute or chronic issues. Also, many athletes, both amateur and professional, turn to chiropractic care to treat and prevent injuries. If you’re interested in the benefits that chiropractic care has to offer, call or schedule an appointment online at Plantation Health and Wellness.